Well, what a weekend – need another weekend to get over the long weekend! But thrilled with the results of our newly white-washed, patterned floorboards in the Sunroom. If you missed it, here was the photo that inspired this look here. And the best thing, Mr B loves the floors!


This was back-breaking stuff, but worth every ache and pain. A whole day of prepping and sanding the floorboards in the sunroom, mudroom and bar area. Having previously been an outside verandah, it had some serious coats of ‘weathshield paint’ but surprisingly the floorboards were in great condition.

Clean up: Cleaning up the fine dust left by the sander was quite the task – surprisingly how much is actually produced when sanding floorboards (3 buckets and one very full vacuum cleaner). We then wiped down every surface – walls, skirting boards etc and gave then wiped down with a damp cloth to pick up any extra dust – vital to ensure the next step didn’t involve dust in the paint or varnish.

Create diamond lines: Whether it was the complete exhaustion or too much dust in the brains, but calculating how big the diamonds and diagonals took a while – a sit down and cup of tea helped us to see the (quite obvious) light! We measured out each point with a nail, and then used string to link each diagonal point together. Once all the string was in place, we then went along with painters tape and taped the outside of each diamond – again a very time consuming task – but worth it!

Being painting: I used the Porters Paint White Wash, which we applied with paint brushes. Allowing the diamond to dry for 3-4minutes and then wiping it down with a clean cloth. This allowed me to rub the paint into the grain have really get that ‘white wash’ look.

Reveal: The paint dried very quickly and once we had reached the end, I went back and gently removed all of the tape – voila!

Clear satin varnish: Mr B started on giving the bar and mudroom a coat of Cabots Clear Polyutherine Floor coat (satin finish) and just before bed we did one coat of the diamonds. Followed by 2 more coats on Sunday. Now we are leaving the floors for 72hrs before we can place furniture back in.

We were all amazed with the final results and how it made the room so much lighter and helped it feel wider and larger. Can’t wait to spend time in this room, it brings a smile to my face each time I walk past.

Would love to hear your thoughts? Is this something you would try?

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