The blue and green cutting board that we still use as a background to decorate the table surface for beautiful shooting or measure objects when needed correctly, it is Cutting Mat, or even called the rustic name is a self-cut board. A lot of people ask about this table, thinking that the outlines to cut the standard into each of its squares, then after hearing the price, the reaction is mostly silent or “how high it is.” Yes, it’s true compared to the student board outside, but its use is not only in those squares. So to find out more about it, along with me learn the structure and use of Self-Healing Cutting Mat!

Product features:

  • Best Self-Healing Cutting Mat, which is also known in Vietnamese as Table Cutting Leather, Self-cutting Board …; and it is an indispensable tool while cutting the skin, DIY fabrication technique, handmade furniture.
  • The panels help to cut the skin accurately and reduce blade wear due to a special structure. For assembly model players, in addition to pliers, knives, sanding, the cutting board is also indispensable, the cutting board allows you to trim, cut the excess plastic off the models without damaging the table or knife. Besides, the board has drawings that allow you to measure and align the design that the model population always needs.
  • This table is used as a plane when placed on the table to prevent scratching the table while helping the skin do not move when cutting, and reduce the blade abrasion. When you put the skin on a hard surface such as a table or marble to cut, the skin will move, though a little will make the size misleading. This is a flexible flat surface, then cutting the skin will be pressed down, forming the incision in the table, the skin is held more firmly, the incision will then become self-sustaining, but still leaving a scratch on the board, without affecting What’s more, the name “instant cut-off” is from this characteristic.
  • Rubber pads: used to create a flat surface, convenient for Gunpla trimming. Helping the knife does not damage the objects below such as tabletops, glass …
  • Used for a lining when cutting paper with a knife so as not to damage the table, floor …
  • It makes cutting operations easier, sweet, beautiful and does not wear away the blade.
  • Made of high-molecular rubber materials that have self-healing ability, leaving no cuts
  • Use both sides, high durability.
  • The two sides of the plate also have horizontal and vertical lines, straight measure, angle measurement, and squares to help you cut and paste details faster and more accurately.
  • There is also a side effect of convenient computer mouse pads when needed!


 In some cases, it is possible to cut the skin based on Cutting Mat’s rulers and rulers, because it is not always standard to measure squares. Whoever makes the most sufficient of this, the right person who doesn’t understand why the piece of skin is still wrong.

  • Because it is made of rubber, smooth, light, good adhesion, today it is named as the best Self-Healing Cutting Mat.
  • There are gradients, rulers and cello dividers printed on the face for easy calculation.
  • The structure consists of 2 to 5 layers. The most common type of cutting board with leatherwork is the 3-layer type: 2 flexible layers located on the back and 1 core layers.
  •  Size is very skin. Let’s say: A4, A3, A2, A1, A0. Each square of the cutting board is 1x1cm in size.

Best Self-Healing Cutting Mat is most commonly used in splitting leather. Depending on the intended use, we choose the appropriate type of cutting board. For instance, if you want to cut the leather to sew for men or women or smaller objects, you can choose leather cutting table A4. In cases, you would like to split whole skin, large-sized leather, leather cutting table A1and A0 will be the most comfortable choice….

In conclusion

The best Self-Healing Cutting Mat has not only many applications but it also is convenient, easy to use; especially it is dedicated design with multi-purpose use. I have shown you some suggestions that you can choose the best Self-Healing Cutting Mat. If you intend to buy a cutting mat, let’s read this article. I wish you could choose the best Self-Healing Cutting Mat that you’d like.

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