Do you have a table saw that hasn’t been used for a long time? When you need to use it, you see that the surface is extremely dirty and rusty. You wonder why? To answer this question is very simple. Most carpentry tools from a hand saw to table saws (As which you are using) are made of metal. Therefore, if you do not use it and clean it regularly, dirt or rust will likely stick on it. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard to deal with this problem. In this article, I will present some suggestions so you can turn your rusty saw back to new. Let’s read and explore.


Step one: remove the parts on the surface of the table

┬áMoving parts that can move on the surface of the table. Examples are circular saw blades, fences, miter gauge, and other protective parts, … so that the surface of the table has no objects. Which can interfere with the cleaning and recovery process?

Then, use a razor or special scraping device to clean the rust (You can purchase them in grocery stores or shops that sell items related to woodworking tools)

Note:  Because the surface of the table by the metal is easily scratched or left marks. Therefore, you must be extremely careful and gentle when cleaning to not damage the surface.

Step two: Use clean liquid

To remove rust, use specialized detergents. If you don’t know which is the best and most effective. You can go to shops selling carpentry tools and ask to purchase. I’m sure there are enough things here.

Note: During the washing process, you must equip protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and glasses. Because these cleaners have very high chemical concentrations. If you accidentally eat or touch, it is extremely harmful to your body.

To effectively clean the rust, you must carefully clean and slowly, not miss any slot or groove. After making sure that the surface has been cleaned, leave the detergent absorbed for 20 minutes. Then, using a rag or towel to wipe the surface again. If you observe that the surface is clean and there are no leaks, apply an additional layer of antifouling paint to allow it to be used longer without having to wipe it again.

Step three: Clean bare metal

Forgot to tell you that the cleanser only cleans the orange and brown rust layer outside. The table saw is not perfectly clean and smooth. To remove the remaining rust, you need to use automotive polish or metal polishing agent and a wheel buff.

Note: Do not use goods that contain silicone. Because this substance is extremely harmful to the machine, it contaminates wood and finished products will lose all aesthetics. To check whether silicone contains. Please read carefully the product packaging where all components of the product are written.

Step four: Apply wax

After scouring the surface, use a towel to wipe off with solvent such as acetone until your wipes are free of any dirt. This makes the surface of the table completely clean and smooth. You must not ignore the slots and grooves on the surface of the table.

After it’s completely clean, it’s time to wax the cover to make sure it’s always bright and tidy. After utilizing wax, leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes to dry. Because for the first time, you should apply another layer of wax to ensure the surface defects have been completely removed.

Step five: Reassemble the parts back into position

After removing the rust of the surface, reassemble the parts of the machine back to its place. According to me, before reinstalling, you should also clear them a little more attractive and neat.

Step six: Enjoy!

After reassembling parts for the machine. Take a step back and see what work has been done successfully by yourself. Let your table saw always be the best portable table saw. Keep it in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight or humid places. Avoid having drinks or tools on the surface because they cause moisture to the device. The most important thing, please take care of the machine at regular prestigious facilities.

In conclusion

I have performed the steps to help you turn your old and rusty table saw into a new and beautiful look like you just bought. Hope, it is useful to you. Thank you for following the end of the article.

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