Sawing is an indispensable tool for a carpenter. It helps you cut the wood into different shapes and sizes. And, the saw blade is the most important part of the saw. It helps carpenters can cut wood quickly, accurately and smoothest. But in the process of using saws. We may encounter a lot of problems related to saw blades such as broken saws, warping, worn blades, … Many people encounter these problems, they think the saw is broken. They have lost a large amount of money to buy a new device without knowing the errors can be overcome.

Therefore, in this article, we will explore the errors that you may encounter in the process of using circular saw blades and have a reasonable solution.

Problems and remedies when using circular saw blades.

The saw blade is cracked

This is the most common case and we would like to mention it first. The reason may be due to the wrong step of the tooth or the excessive sawing of the blade during the cutting of the material. It is also possible that the speed at which you put the material into the saw is too fast for the speed allowed.

Therefore, before selling saws to customers. Manufacturers need specific advice on the teeth of saws, the type of saw blades and the sawing capacity that can be made to best suit customer needs. There will be no perfect solution to this problem unless you are carefully advised by the engineers.

Saw cutting slowly

Many customers responded why their saw blades bought so slowly. In fact, the cutting speed depends greatly on cutting materials and saws, not saw blades. So, when you see the speed cut slowly, you should review your saw, see if they are damaged. If the saw is completely normal, review the compatibility between the saw blade and the saw. If they are not compatible, then both the cutting speed and the product quality are not standard.

Saws are easy to corrode

Worn teeth are also a common phenomenon that people use saw blades to reflect. When saw blades are easy to corrode, you should review the compatibility between saw blades and cutting materials. Not all saw blades can cut all kinds of materials, especially hard materials. Each saw blade model is only compatible with a certain group of materials. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing materials to cut accordingly.

Risk of unsafe when using saws

After talking about some causes and measures to avoid damage to saw blades. I will talk about some of the risks of insecurity when using the machine so that you can prevent it.

Electric shock: this case may occur due to the opening of the electrical wire, the electricity is exposed to the case from the wires, circuit breakers, and electrical outlets. Danger to the lives of users. So you must carefully check the electricity before using it to prevent it.

Poisoning: Industrial toxins penetrate into the human body through manipulation, exposure, and use of these tools for a long time. Therefore, while manipulating you need to equip yourself with protective equipment such as glasses, gloves, protective clothing, … to avoid affecting your health later.

Industrial dust: Causing mechanical damage, poisonous dust or poisoning to produce work-related diseases, causing fire and explosion, or humid electricity, causing short circuits …

Splashes: due to pieces of tools, machined materials, saw blades that are not tightly fitted can splash. It poses a danger to users who can be injured like broken hands, feet, … Therefore. You must check the machine carefully before using

Preserving circular saw properly

Next, I will provide you with some measures for you to use the saw in a long-term way.

Firstly, Regularly maintain the saw machine by pouring lubricating oil to preserve the engine as well as a limited sawing blade after the unused time.

Secondly, Keep the saw in the open space, avoid moisture.

Then, Before using it, it is necessary to check the machine to ensure the stable operation of the engine without any problems

Note: When using the machine if there are any problems please contact support from the supplier.

In conclusion

I have suggested to you some measures overcome the error of the saw machine and how to preserve the machine for a long time without failing. These measures can be used with most saws from hand saws to machine saws. Hope it is useful for you.

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